For Women's History Month, let's shine a spotlight on Larissa Baseman, whose journey began on a farm, where she cultivated her passion for dance, singing, and modeling from a young age. Despite her myriad interests, Larissa's dedication to dance led her to prestigious institutions like the JKO School at American Ballet Theatre, shaping her into a versatile performer across various dance styles.

Despite her success, Larissa faced challenges, grappling with unexplained injuries and illnesses. Despite setbacks, she pivoted towards modeling, a passion she pursued alongside dance. Leveraging her dance background, Larissa collaborates with the fashion industry, merging dance and fashion on social media to advocate for important causes.

In 2022, Larissa received a definitive diagnosis of hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a genetic connective tissue disorder, shedding light on her past health struggles. With a supportive care team, Larissa is on a journey to reclaim her passion for movement, embracing her dynamic abilities and progressing towards her goals with resilience and joy.